Saturday April 16th 

To paddle into a heavy wave is what surfing is really about for me. This is where my passion lies.

Three world-class surfers running an organic farm in Co Clare is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Irish surf culture but it's a movement that's become a source of inspiration for surfers and environmentalists around the globe. 

Surfer, model and environmentalist Sophie Hellyer is a former British champion who fell in love with our rugged coastline and empty lefts before deciding to move here and live on a farm established by Fergal Smith four years ago.

Fergal, a former pro surfer, travelled the world before deciding to put down roots here. He now farms at his community garden and surfs every day and recently ran for the Green Party in the national elections.

Driving the horses with him (you won't see them using a tractor on this farm) is Matt Smith, a well-respected surfer in his own right who made the pilgrimage to Ireland while travelling the world and also decided to stay.

These three friends and farmers will host a talk about their time at the Moy Hill Community Garden, discussing their online web series 'Growing' and giving an insight into how surfing, organic farming and an outdoors lifestyle are just the tonic for people struggling in a 21st century world of cities and technology.