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2016 lineup




After three successful years of movies and adventures in the capital we're taking the Irish surf festival on the road to Sligo.

With an expanded line-up to include movies, talks, workshops, photography, music and art, this will be a gathering for surfers from across Ireland and the UK. We're delighted to have teamed up with the Model theatre to showcase all that's good and great about surf culture in a custom-built theatre and arts space.

There'll be food and art, music, beers and good times all tied together by our mutual love of waves. 

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We're proud to announce the following speakers and movies for the 2016 festival, there'll be plenty more names and features added here over the days and weeks ahead.

Bear Island, Faroes, Ocean Driven, George Karbus, Tim Nunn, Liquid Therapy, Fergal Smith, Matt Smith, Sophie Hellyer, Easkey Britton, Peter Conroy, Barry Mottershead, art by Damn Fine Print, music by DJ Donal Dineen, February & Mars, films by Xtreme TV, media by Magic Seaweed, beers by White Hag, the infamous surf edits competition and many more to be announced...

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Saturday April 17th at 5pm

The first surf film shot in 4K, View From A Blue Moon follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. From the dreamy blue perfection of the South Pacific to the darkest uncharted waters of Africa (and everywhere in between), Florence faces a broad spectrum of emotions as he continues to seal his legacy as one of the most gifted surfers ever. And while the young Hawaiian is pulled in increasingly different directions, there is no form of pressure that will keep him from his ultimate goal — to redefine what is possible in the ocean.


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3pm on Sunday, April 17th. Run time: 1hour 20mins 

In 2010 the award-winning documentary The Pipe explored the stand-off between the people of Rossport and an unholy alliance comprising Shell Oil and the Irish State. With Atlantic, the activist and film-maker Risteard O’Domhnaill expands his fight back against big oil as commentators, fishermen, politicians and scientists come together to collectively scratch their heads over Ireland’s ongoing disregard for its own waters.

Perhaps ironically, this is a big trawl: between foreign super-trawlers hoovering up fish, former minister Ray Burke’s scandalous removal of state participation in oil companies in Ireland, and record numbers of seismic “sound-blasting” vessels scanning (and potentially damaging) the Irish seabed, Atlantic forms a damning chronicle of political, economic and environmental mismanagement. Alternative suggestions and approaches from Newfoundland and Norway ensure that the film, as it journeys from Arranmore to the Arctic, is a blueprint as well as a protest. Entertaining, informative and essential.



Saturday, April 16th 

It’s not until you see a McDonald’s wrapper on a wild bit of Icelandic beach, which originated in North America, that you can understand the problem.

Tim Nunn started the Plastic Project to create a visual survey of marine litter in the wildest parts of the North Atlantic. It’s an adventure to the fringe of known surfing coastlines in Europe, with two goals, one to keep inspiring people about what an amazing world we live in and secondly to highlight the out of control situation we face with marine litter, specifically in the North Atlantic.

After a year working on the project it has evolved and grown to become more than a photography project but a feature film aimed not just at surfers but anyone who has an appreciation of our coastline. It’s a non statistical, purely visual way of representing what a huge problem marine litter is to the environment.

The project has now gone far beyond this original brief, Tim is doing more talks, limited edition books and crucially now a full length documentary aiming to change everyone’s attitude towards plastic and rubbish entering the ocean. 

In Tim's own words: "It’s a problem that needs to be tackled on a government, corporate and individual level, and we all have to address it. Hopefully through such an awe inspiring subject like surfing we can engage more people and inject some science with the help of professionals as well."

Tim will be giving a talk at Shore Shots with an update about how the project is progressing and few insights into how his year on the road has been.


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Saturday, April 16. Run time: 1hr 10mins 

The world needs your voice, the world needs your story, and the world needs you to go after it!

Paige Alms grew up on the island of Maui, where the spirit of Aloha was planted in her heart.  The water quickly became a part of her everyday life, taking up the sport of surfing at age 9.  With Paige’s fearlessness and perseverance, along with one of the world’s best big wave surf spots in her backyard, it was inevitable that she’d begin to conquer these monsters.

Today, at age 26, Paige has become Maui’s big wave ambassador, living her humble life dedicated to her passion. In 2014 Paige was nominated for the Billabong XXL Women’s Performance Award, being one of the few who has successfully paddled into the wave at Jaws. Alongside her incredible accomplishments, Paige leads her life with a shining heart, smile, and spirit.

Directed by Devyn Bisson, this movie explores the raw human experience, igniting audience members to look within their own story.


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When George arrived in Ireland 11 years ago, he was armed with a true love of the ocean that belied his land-locked upbringing in the Czech Republic. He funded his first professional camera by working as a porter in a Galway hotel and from that point dedicated himself fully to photographing Ireland’s emerald coastline. In 2009 he won Nature’s Best Photography Award, one of the most prestigious and world-recognised photography accolades, and more recently he scooped Outdoor Photographer of the Year while his mesmerising and inspiring shots have appeared in countless publications around the world.

An experienced surfer and free diver George is out in the water every day, watching and photographing while most of us are curled up sleeping on cold winter mornings. Imagine giant gliding whales in crystal clear Atlantic depths or world class surfers barrelling inches overhead as George holds his breath for impossible lengths of time dangerously close to the breaking waters.  George will be showcasing his work while talking about his life as a photographer on the west coast and travelling further afield.


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2pm, Saturday, April 16th 

If you believe in anything strong enough you can make it happen

Chris Bertish comes of age in giant waves, leading to the Mavericks Invitational in 2010. Minutes after nearly drowning, he takes the world by storm. An empowering true story about resilience with gripping scenes of a unique big wave brotherhood and the hardships they face.  Bertish overcomes obstacles and fears with dogged determination, and reminds us to never give up and lose sight of our dreams.


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 Saturday April 16th 

To paddle into a heavy wave is what surfing is really about for me. This is where my passion lies.

Three world-class surfers running an organic farm in Co Clare is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Irish surf culture but it's a movement that's become a source of inspiration for surfers and environmentalists around the globe. 

Surfer, model and environmentalist Sophie Hellyer is a former British champion who fell in love with our rugged coastline and empty lefts before deciding to move here and live on a farm established by Fergal Smith four years ago.

Fergal, a former pro surfer, travelled the world before deciding to put down roots here. He now farms at his community garden and surfs every day and recently ran for the Green Party in the national elections.

Driving the horses with him (you won't see them using a tractor on this farm) is Matt Smith, a well-respected surfer in his own right who made the pilgrimage to Ireland while travelling the world and also decided to stay.

These three friends and farmers will host a talk about their time at the Moy Hill Community Garden, discussing their online web series 'Growing' and giving an insight into how surfing, organic farming and an outdoors lifestyle are just the tonic for people struggling in a 21st century world of cities and technology.




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BEAR ISLAND (Bjørnøya)

3pm on Saturday April 17th. Run time: 1hr 18mins 

Three brothers chase their dreams and travel to Bear Island to surf. They travel cross country on skis in a white, barren landscape.
Each has a sled in tow with a surfboard perched atop and food for the two months they spend on the island. They battle snow and bleak conditions to discover virgin waves where no one has surfed before. But one brother must stay ashore, vigilant, poised, with a rifle should Bjørnøya's natural predator, the Polar Bear emerge.


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Saturday April 16th 

The simple act of surfing can become a powerful medium to build community, and even improve humanity...

Well-known across Ireland for her skills as a surfer, Easkey has a passion for the marine environment and also campaigns for positive social impact and empowerment around the globe. As a surfer and an environmentalist, Easkey has been involved in a number of ground-breaking campaigns in recent years such as her surf Iran project and has also managed to fit in a PHD in Environment and Society. She's an accomplished public speaker and presents motivational talks at conferences around the globe. 

Her presentation at Shore Shots will include themse such as overcoming fear, big wave surfing, risk-taking, leadership and community building.


Saturday, April 16. Run time: 16mins

The new film from Dillon Perillo and Brendon Gibbens, also know as Dill and Beeg. The pair travel to six countries over ten months, score some incredible waves and document it all in a short film almost entirely put together by the two friends.


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1pm Sunday, April 17th. Run time: 25mins 

In the middle of the North Atlantic, a cluster of 18 jagged islands comprises the Faroe Islands. Dane Gudauskas, Justin Quintal, Sam Hammer, Tyler Warren, Chris Burkard, and Ben Weiland attempt to unravel a coastline of dramatic fjords and plunging waterfalls in search of perfect waves. They spend two weeks hopping between the islands, living in seaside cottages and becoming acquainted with the strange and ancient customs of a nation founded by vikings.


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Saturday, April 16th 

Mullaghmore is pretty much my dream big wave spot.

Peter Clyne won last year's edit competition with an incredible film about the crew riding big waves at Mullahmore which got made into a four part web-series by Epic TV. At the heart of that crew is South African charger turned native Sligoman Barry Mottershead, a surfer and local businessman who has helped put Mully and the North West of Ireland on the map with some spectacular waves and epic footage from inside the beast. The two friends and storm chasers will be talking about Mully, filming and catching big waves and giving us an insight into this year's swells at Ireland's best-known spot.


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Saturday April 16th 

If you are not afraid of the sea, you shouldn’t be out there

A fire-fighter with a passion for big-wave surfing, Peter is at the heart of the action any time a big swell hits Ireland. His skills on a jetski and knowledge of first aid and rescue techniques have allowed surfers from all over to push their limits to new levels at infamous and dangerous spots such as Mullaghmore in Sligo and Aileen's in his native Co Clare.  A founder member of the Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club, Peter's not afraid to speak his mind and we're looking forward to hearing him talk about the Irish surf scene, how it's progressing at our more challenging spots, how we compare internationally and, more importantly, that never ending debate of tow versus paddle.



4.30pm, Saturday April 17th. Run time: 25mins 

FREEZING is the much anticipated debut feature film by the talented crew behind ‘The Shaper’ and ‘#Vanlife’.  Always with their fingers on the throbbing pulse of the surfing zeitgeist, Freezing is a journey to the icy fringes of cold water exploration – in search of a mythical wave – that pushes friendships, frontiers and fortitude to their very limits



Saturday, April 16th 

One of the best DJs in the country, Donal has been gracing airwaves and dancefloors around Ireland since the 1990s. He made his name presenting a late night radio show on Today FM and the legendary No Disco music programme on RTE as well as hosting the Body & Soul area at Electric Picnic. In recent years he's been broadcasting, touring the country and consistently digging deeper than any other music collector to bring us the finest audio gems from around the cosmos. Expect great music and a hopping dancefloor all night long. 

Saturday, April 16th 

February & Mars are a West Coast duo that blend yacht rock, synth-pop, Balearic and analogue disco influences.

Solo show on view all weekend

A man that needs no introduction to the Irish surfing scene, we present a show by the winner of last year's Best Photographer at Shoreshots 2015

All photography on the site is by Andrew Kilfeather apart from where otherwise credited.

Monster Energy

Mixing extreme sports and energy. Need we say any more?

 Kindly supported by Sligo County Council

Kindly supported by Sligo County Council


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 We are working with Movember to promote awareness for men's health #KnowThyNuts

We are working with Movember to promote awareness for men's health #KnowThyNuts

2015 highlightS

Big love to everyone who helps make this festival happen. It's never easy but it's always worth it.

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    Congratulations to all the winners : Dylan Stott / Kurt Rist - Shore Shots 2014 Winner. Kev L Smith/Fergal Smith - Second Place Best Cinematography. Peter Clyne - Inspiration to Irish Surfing, Paul O'Kane - Best Photographer, Benoit Queguineur - Winter Session Winner, Conor Maguire