The judges on the night will be looking for cinematography, surfing style, camera angles, music, narrative and the reaction from the festival audience.

Shore Shots is a surf film festival. We screen short films and full-length movies about surfing, the sea, ecology and related themes.

We'll be accepting submissions for the short film competition until close of business on March 20th, 2017. All films are then transferred to the cinema and as a result we cannot accept late submissions. Please read everything below and make sure you agree to all of the conditions before entering.  

For the first time in Shore Shots, we'll also be hosting an Adventure category in honour of our move to the #AdventureCapital. While most films selected will be surf movies, we do anticipate screening a short section of adventure movies to compete in this category. If you have a film that you want to submit here, please read all the conditions below.

* Submissions will only be accepted  through Wetransfer or  a USB stick delivered to our address in Dublin. 

* Shore Shots  does not pay screening fees.

* All films considered must be Irish premieres. They must be under ten minutes long and they must be of cinema quality -- that is, a quick time file encoded with h.264 codec in resolution of 1920×1080 with a bitrate of 5000mbps.

Please don't submit edits that are already online or about to be released to the web. We try our best to source only new and unreleased edits for fans to enjoy on the big screen.

By submitting an edit you give Shore Shots permission to show your edit at the festival and other events throughout the year. These edits may also appear online on the Shore Shots or other websites. If you don't want your edit to appear online or to be used after the festival then please let us know when submitting it.

* When submitting your film please include details of any public screenings and festivals that your film is being exhibited at before/after  Shore Shots.

* The selection and scheduling of films is entirely at the discretion of the Festival Director.

* Please include a brief synopsis of no more than 200 words about you or your film when you submit it. Tell us about the film, who is in it and where it was shot so we can include it in the programme.

* We will send you a slate with the festival logo to put at the start of each edit. Apart from this no changes of any kind will be made to your film by Shore Shots for any reason.

* Due to the large amount of films received Shore Shots cannot enter into any discussion regarding films that are not selected for the Festival. Every  year we simply run out of screening time at the cinema to show all the amazing surf films we'd like to.


If you've got a movie you'd like us to screen or any other questions  then please get in touch

Please don't show up a week before the festival with a USB of your movie, it really is too late to process by then.

The specs for the cinema are:

A quick time file encoded with h.264 codec in resolution of 1920×1080 with a bitrate of 5000mbps to get played at the cinema. Edits should be unreleased and ideally under ten minutes in length. Any questions, just drop us an email.